Birth: Among another Race, Blessed, Cursed, Omen, Prophecy,

Geography: Forests

Occupation: Entertainer, Artisan, Farmer, Merchant, Military


Rogue, Warlord, Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Swordmage


Humans occupy the only known permanent settlements in the realm. These villages (there are two in total) reside several days’ ride North and West of the Karant-Ua wetlands. Humans do not live harmoniously with nature. They have a tendency to try to shape it to their own purpose, as if they want to create their own environment. Politically, they get along with Elves and by extension Eladrin. They also trade very profitably with halflings. Humans are the only race that possesses any skill with metallurgy. A handful of smiths exist among the humans, because of a lack of diversified labour, these smiths also tend to be their own miners and smelters. There is not a lot of metal equipment being produced. Any empathy humans my have towards the wilderness surrounding them is purely because of their interactions with the Elves. These two form a symbiotic relationship: the humans producing high quality goods for the Elves to use in hunting and gathering, the Elves helping the humans gather supplies and food in a hostile environment.


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