Half Orcs


Birth – Among another Race, Blessed, Cursed, Omen, Prophecy,

Geography – Forest

Orc – Orc Birth


Shaman, Warden, Barbarian, Druid, Warlord, Fighter, Ranger, Bard


Once upon a time, a race of pure-blood Orcs roamed the foothills of the Tagra Mountains. This race was prosperous and enjoyed good relations with the Shifters to the North. In time, this prosperous relationship was fruitful and bore Half-Orc children. These children were most at home with each other, since living with the Shifters or Orcs only reminded them of what they were not. Time passed. Then, suddenly one day, the pure blood Orcs disappeared. They left no track or trace of where they went.

They have never returned.

Since those days, the Half-Orcs have continued as a race apart. They don’t live in clans or tribes. They simply arrange their social structure based on family. One husband, one wife and whole gaggle of children. When one of the children reaches adulthood, they wander off to find somebody of the opposite sex to start a new family with.

Half Orcs

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