Birth – Among another Race, Blessed, Cursed, Omen, Prophecy,

Geography – Mountain

Goliath – Skywatcher


Shaman, Warden, Barbarian, Druid, Warlord, Fighter, Ranger, Bard


“The Honor of the Giants drives these limbs” is a common phrase among the Goliaths. In truth, they really were once a race of giants. However, over the past several thousands of years they have diminished in stature. Goliaths remain large in comparison to the other common races, but they are no longer the 20 foot tall behemoths of yesteryear. What they have retained is the Giant’s traditions of honor and justice. To a Goliath simply surviving is not enough. A Goliath must forge a life of distinction and noteworthiness. They can only do this by exhibiting prowess in battle, wisdom in decisions and guile in the hunt.


Shadows of Winter Namgalsi